Carbon dating rate

Numerous unpetrified dinosuar bones found in Mesozoic strata have been dated and average 31,000 radio carbon years old.

The Mesozoic strata was laid down at the same time as the dinosaur bones and are the same age.

"We encourage people to review her information at The sky is falling.

"The number of discovered Near-Earth Asteroids now tops 15,000, with and average of 30 new discoveries added each week" according to NASA's webpage NASA web page As recently as February 15, 2013 a meteorite hit in Chelyabinsk Russia. The impact was calculated as the equivalent of a blast of 300,000 tons of TNT.

It shattered windows and damaged over 3,000 buildings and injured 1500 people. It points out the imminent danger of another large meteorite or asteroid from outer space wiping out possibly whole civilizations.

What caused the continents to separate and created many of the mountain ranges of the world.

Slowly drifting continents have been the usual explanation for the past 50 years and is generally referred to as Plate Tectonics Theory.

Scientist for the last hundred years have been searching for a crator or remnants of space rock.

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Carbon dating rate introduction

Carbon dating rate

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