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David himself was athletic, by all intents and purposes a "jock" (he had very good grades though), and he had never had any trouble with girls.However, for some reason, he was always nervous around Julia Foster.But David also knew he would never stand a chance with her. However, she was also sophisticated, and strict when she needed to be.Nevertheless, she was the most popular and respected teacher at David's school.David stared at the slight curve of her breasts underneath her shirt for a moment and then awkwardly cleared his throat.There it was again; the nervousness he felt around her.

"I didn't realize anyone was still in here, are you wanting to sign up for the trip?He turned to leave, feeling her eyes on his back as he walked away. Foster." "See you tomorrow, David." *************** The day of the trip had finally arrived. Foster had acted a little weird around David after the sign-up incident, but the tension had dissolved over the past few weeks and she was back to being her usual self around him; with little touches on the arm here and there when she was explaining things to him at his desk, which had been almost unbearable for David as his cock strained painfully in his jeans every time their skin made contact. David was speechless for a moment as he saw her walking towards them. " David tried to make eye contact with Julia as he left the main room behind the others, but she seemed to avoid his gaze.It was 6am and David was standing at the meeting spot in front of the school with the rest of the group. It was always weird to see teachers outside of the classroom, but seeing Ms. Foster, you really do look fantastic in everything! Williams and I talked and we have decided that you can call us by our first names for the duration of the trip. Foster seemed to look directly at David when she said this, and he kept repeating her name, "Julia", in his mind and silently let it roll off his tongue. He had one of the biggest hard-ons he had had in a long time. "I'll get to her," David thought to himself as he fell asleep.It was truly beautiful, snow packed everywhere with lit up cabins spread all over the hillside. " Reluctantly the group got back on the bus and to their surprise it drove them to a cabin far away from the others, almost out of sight from the slopes. The furniture and overall style were rustic, but everything was clean and while it was cold at the moment, there was a fireplace they would be able to use to get warm. Please keep in mind that the boys can only room with boys, and the same goes for the girls." This statement was met with a few giggles. It was obvious that the guys were all trying to stand around Ms. David was a great skiier, having started at an early age, so he could have gone directly for a black slope, but he decided to follow Ms. He stayed behind her for the duration of the run and watched her body move down the slope. " "Right, coincidence," Julia said mockingly and he couldn't quite interpret the look on her face. " "I'm sure it wasn't all bad." "We had our good moments, but little things just kept adding up and in the end it was too much to handle for both of us, not to mention the lack of..." She suddenly seemed to come back to reality.Foster but she ignored them as she chatted with Mr. Once everyone had arrived at the top, the group agreed on a meeting point and time for lunch, and then went off in different directions. Williams decided to head down a green slope first, with many students following him, as many did not have much experience. Her skiing was graceful and he admired the way she moved downhill. In the next moment, she had turned around, and was quickly heading towards the lift that led to the black slopes. David started as well and though he was fast, he only caught up to her when she was already waiting in line. Julia cleared her throat, then said "I really shouldn't be telling you this, it's inappropriate." After a quick mental struggle with himself, David decided to make a move.

Hi everyone, Just to let you know, this is my first attempt at writing.

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Chat withmilfs

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