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But Naomie Harris’s Eve, one of 007’s co-workers at M16, seems like a Bond Girl with her banter-filled flirtation with the MI6 agent, but she doesn’t need to be rescued.

She can drive a car through crowded streets, handle confidential information and is a decent (if not excellent) shot.

In the ’70s, she’s more a figure of fun—if you think of the ads at the time that celebrate that independence, like Charlie, they’re very similar to the way the Bond Girl appears in those films.” (SLIDESHOW: The Best of the Bond Girls) So what does it mean for Harris to modernize her version of the Bond Girl?

Tasker says that, starting with Michelle Yeoh’s role in 1997’s and set a high bar for female action characters—many Bond Girls have gotten more athletic-looking and more comfortable being violent, just like the other heroines of the turn of the 21st century.

Eve’s looks clearly matter (she is a Bond Girl, after all), but the audience won’t be surprised that she cares more about business than she does about Bond.So this year I tackled what seemed the easier problem, and after a 5-month adventure bought a house.Then I realized that for both quests — relationships and homes — you can use the same strategy.Finally comes that first meeting: the date, the open house. If you’re nervous, take along a friend, or your realtor, and double date.The third step is inspecting and appraising what you find. Curb appeal is nice, but not if it hides major flaws.

(VIDEO: 5 Things We Still Love About James Bond) It’s unlikely we’ll see a female 007 as the true center of the James Bond story anytime soon, but perhaps Eve, a character influenced by the actress’ meetings with real MI6 agents, is just the latest example of how Bond Girls have become less likely to need Bond to save them and more likely to be capable of saving Bond.

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