Dating game tv show theme song

The basic object of the game was for a contestant to select a blind date from three other contestants of the opposite sex, based on answers to questions posed to those three contestants.

The first version of Perfect Match aired on Network Ten from 1984 to 1989, while the 2002 revival aired on the Seven Network.

A spin-off from `Happy Days,' it relied more on physical comedy than its parent show and was actually more successful, becoming the No.

Characters: Jim Lame: Host of the Dating Game Rocky: Bachelor #1, 70s hard rock, biker-type, stoner Jesse: Bachelor #2, clean cut, all-American guy Danny: Bachelor #3, 70s disco dude with large afro Peggy Inneed: Bachelorette, 70s hippy chick Announcer: Voice only, off stage (or Jim Lame can do this part) Make-up Artist: No speaking part, just a short stage appearance Scene/Setting: 1970s game show spoof of The Dating Game Plot: Typical to the original TV show, this bachelorette will choose one man to go out on a date. Bachelors 1 and 3 are less than desirable and Bachelor #2 represents Jesus. Choosing life and peace over what the world has to offer. (Bachelors ENTER STAGE LEFT in order 1-3 and each stand in front of their stools.) JIM: Bachelor number one, please tell us your name and where youre from.

PEGGY: Youre starting to sound just like the father I never had.

After the couple's holiday destination was announced, Dexter the Robot (later Agro in 2002) then announced which of the three contestants was the asking contestant's "perfect match" with a compatability score out of 100. PEGGY: If I were to meet you in public, whats the first thing youd say to me? 2: I would say, come to me and I will remain with you forever. An "Electronic" version of the board game featuring Greg Evans on the cover was released by JNH Toys in 1989. Markayı Tanıyalım; Buski, Bursa Sular ve Kanaliyazsyon İdaresi’dir. Küçük çocuklarda ki su kullanım alışkanlıklarına yönelik bir bilinçlendirme çalışmasıdır. Yeni nesilin rahat yaşam standartlarının sağlamış olduğu alışkanlıklardan dolayı israfa daha açık olmaları.

Props: Background set to resemble The Dating Game, three stools, one chair or a fourth stool, a directors chair, appropriate costuming, theme show music with logo and kisses for screens, index cards for Peggys questions, CDs to play during the skit as directed below. Welcome to another exciting episode of THE D-A-T-I-N-G G-A-M-E! In just a moment you will meet a young lady who will have the opportunity to choose one lucky man for a fabulous date, based only on their answers to her questions.

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Oct 27, 2004. The show is playful listen for the strains of the “Dating Game” theme song but not frivolous, said Jody Sheff, executive producer for Thirteen/WNET New York. “If you were a woman or a man in the early 19th century, who you married and how you married was going to determine your entire life,” Sheff said. 
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Dating game tv show theme song introduction

Dating game tv show theme song

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