Dating tips phone psychic readings

Now I’d like to pass these valuable insights along to others. A lot of what I have learned has come from years of doing readings for almost 3,000 people — by my last count.

The world is much different than when I started out in the early 1980’s and there is much more positive exposure available to the psychics of today.

For example, a short-term reading for thirty minutes might be better served with immediately answering their pressing questions.

For an hour-long reading, I will usually do a general overview of what I am picking up about them first and then go into questions and answers. At times someone will sit down and start asking one question after another in rapid fire succession.

(A “straight reading” is one in which no tools are implemented.) The point is to let the client know how you work before hand.

(I always receive payment up front.) Clients will often push you for more information and run over time. If they want more time, gently suggest they come back in two weeks or a month for further information.If you are not sure what they precisely want to know, ask them to rephrase the question.If a client gets huffy about this, let them know it will help the reading and allow you to give them clearer better answers.Consequently, I recommend that readers start with a bit of an assessment about someone’s sun sign and then move into their personal year events of what might happen in the coming year.If you don’t know how to configure sun signs by birth dates and their meanings, there are many great websites that give this information away freely. Next, I will usually ask clients if they wish a general reading or go right into questions and answers.

2) It’s always important to have a concise idea of how you will be conducting a reading. Or do you begin a reading with another method like psychometry?

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Dating tips phone psychic readings introduction

Dating tips phone psychic readings

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