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If you don’t know this then…..well, there is no sense in reading this cause, honey, you are on another planet.We’ve heard all the arguing and seen some of the commercials and watched the elections and all.We’ve heard how the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has vowed to repeal the new law.Well, that’s a total crock because while the House of Representatives will vote to repeal it, it’s unlikely that the Senate will do the same and, if by some chance they do repeal it, well, Obama-Man is sitting there with his ole veto pen. We’re gonna be living with this new law for some time.

Many insurance companies say that during your lifetime you can only be covered up to a certain point. If your employer offers a health plan, you generally can’t be turned away or charged a higher premium because of your health status or disability. Meanwhile you should always see your gynecologist if you experience any bleeding between periods, bleeding after sexual intercourse or an unusual or constant vaginal discharge.Of course, it’s entirely insulting to women to suggest that they need this “help” but that’s only part of the story. w=273" data-large-file=" w=174&h=171" alt="Abortion Ultrasound" width="174" height="171" srcset=" w=174&h=171 174w, w=150&h=147 150w," sizes="(max-width: 174px) 100vw, 174px" / It seems that no one – not even the pro-choice groups – understood that if a woman was contemplating an early abortion, the only way to see the fetus would be to have a vaginal ultrasound! It was not until a clever lawyer in the pro-choice movement thought this through a little that the word got out. w=292" class="size-full wp-image-477" title="Virginia Abortion" src=" w=500" alt="Virginia Abortion" srcset=", w=147 147w" sizes="(max-width: 292px) 100vw, 292px" / Posted in Abortion, Abortion clinic, Abortion Information, Abortion Pill, Abortion Supreme Court, Abortion terrorists, Aborto, Vaginal Probe Ultrasound, tagged Abortion, Gynecologic ultrasonography, Opposition to the legalization of abortion, Republican, Vaginal Probe Ultrasound, Virginia on February 21, 2012| 14 Comments » Abortion Blockade " data-medium-file=" Ultrasound " data-medium-file=" And now the legislature has gone back to the drawing board. w=292" data-large-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=398" class="size-thumbnail wp-image-455" title="Abortion Blockade" src=" w=150&h=78" alt="Abortion Blockade" width="150" height="78" srcset=" w=150&h=78 150w, w=297&h=156 297w, w=300&h=158 300w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" / What in God’s name is going on in the Commonwealth of Virginia?Posted in Abortion, Abortion clinic, Abortion Information, Abortion Pill, Vaginal Probe, Virginia, tagged Abortion, Bob Mc Donnell, Gynecologic ultrasonography, Support for the legalization of abortion, Ultrasound, Vaginal Probe, Virginia, Virginia General Assembly on February 23, 2012| 1 Comment » Virginia Abortion " data-medium-file=" w=272" data-large-file=" w=182&h=137" alt="Virginia Abortion" width="182" height="137" srcset=" w=182&h=137 182w, w=150&h=112 150w," sizes="(max-width: 182px) 100vw, 182px" / The Virginia legislature has passed legislation requiring women to get an ultrasound before they could have an abortion. w=273" class=" wp-image-473 " title="Abortion Ultrasound" src=" w=272" class=" wp-image-468 " title="Virginia Abortion" src="

And remember that with each new sexual partner your risk of getting HPV increases by 15 percent.

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Oct 9, 2012. Are you divorced and dating again? Been there done that. Here's a reflection on my re-entry into the dating scene and the challenge of dating again. 
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