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Dynamically updating html

In this tutorial, lets look at how this is done, and also, how to create a 2 level interdependent select list using the technique. The basic technique for changing a select element's content using Java Script is a two part process.

I'll use the following SELECT element as an example: Doing the above instantly empties the select element, ready to be populated with new data.

Changing a select element's content on the fly is a powerful feature of Java Script that's just as practical.

It forms the basis of implementing inter-dependant select menus, where the selection of one menu changes the contents of another.

May I recommend you use the secure method to dynamically update DNS so noone takes advantage of a vulnerability? Hi, On the DNS Servers that are experiencing the issues are there any errors in the event logs identifying this issue?

The following link details information on using Dynamic updates in a Windows 2003 network its worth double checking your configuration of DNS is correct: Regards yes, I've seen that article and it is a good one.

2) Repopulate the select menu with new options (aka content), using the Option() constructor on each option: document.myform.master.options[0]=new Option("Sports", "sportsvalue", true, false) document.myform.master.options[1]=new Option("Music", "musicvalue", false, false) document.myform.master.options[2]=new Option("Movies", "moviesvalue", false, false) The select menu is now repopulated with 3 new entries ("Sports", "Music", and "Movies").

This is done by setting the desired option to null.However, I have re-checked my settings and my configuration is correct.Again, for some reason, about 1/3 of my DNS A records are showing an outdated timestamp [prior to 02/2007] As it stands, I cannot enable scavenging on this forward lookup zone as 1/3 of my records (approx 3000) would be purged after the no refresh / refresh interval.Yes, I have seen it before: I have a dynamic LAN and disabled computers rather than deleted them. I also found out recently that, by default, DNS is updated by the clients dynamically.Setting scavaging is an alternative method to the dynamically updating DNS. Yes, here it is: have also seen it where cloning locks the DNS entry.

Back to what I know: If the DHCP method is enabled, it will take precedence over the ability for the computer to register its own DNS pointer record.

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Dynamically updating html introduction

Dynamically updating html

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