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Fep definition status not updating

Following indications by gatordev that 4km is below average laser Hellfire performance ^ Extended AH-64D radar coverage in line with the changes to its main armament ^ Removed ace_overpressure entries ^ Tweaked Stinger ammo params ^ Tweaked Mk211 particle effects ^ UH-60M improved SAS ^ M242 lock disabled @ Corrected UH1 HUD position & tweaked FFAR ammo params @ Fixed IOTV lod issue @ Improved Chinook rotor sound @ FMTV exhaust pfx location @ A10A RWR should no longer detect IR missiles @ UH-60M Slightly tweaked SAS and collective ranges @ Changed UH-60M collective and cyclic ranges @ Changed UH-60M ATRQ ranges @ Fixed AH1Z/AH64 gunner sensors @ "lever ramp" misspelling @ Reduced some the M1 HEAT rounds max lead @ Fixed F-22 texture selection @ Caiman transport capacity was wrong on a couple of variants @ Fixed Stinger inventory restrictions @ Fixed BMG tracers @ Fixed wrong texture name for MRZRs in distant LODs @ ESSS/EWS UH-60s missing from cfg Patches @ Fixed some MAAWS ammo values phys X parameters for tracked vehicles (Arma 3 v1.78) ^ Some Multiplayer optimization of FCS code ^ Made default key for RHS FCS lasing, the same as standard Arma 3 'Lase Range' key ^ Tweaked engine startup script ^ Adjusted fuel explosion force ^ Improved SPC vest Shadow LOD geometry to remove artifacts on the left side ^ Cleaned up SPC vest UV sets and names properties ^ MARSOC units handed in their SPC vest in exchange for new MBAVs ^ Made planes compatible with the UI throttle indicator (Arma 3 v1.70) ^ Defined target Size parameters for attack aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70) ^ Correct lock-on type settings for Stinger and Javelin (Arma 3 v1.70) ^ Improvement to missile visuals - launch effects and animations ^ Reduced acceleration of AIM-9X and AIM-120 to more realistic values ^ AIM-9X changed to BIS model from Jets DLC ^ Air-launched rockets will have some dispersion pattern (Arma 3 1.78) ^ Tweaked lock-on threat detection for attack aircraft ^ Updated C-130's Flight Model with numerous Apex config settings ^ Visual upgrade for A-10A HUD and cockpit textures ^ F-22A's exhaust damage smoke is now tied to proper hitpoints ^ Standardised F-22A's Virtual Garage UI Picture (white silhouette) ^ New sound configuration for F-22A, using Jets DLC effects ^ Adjusted air friction of ejected aircraft canopies ^ UH-60M MEV (ESSS) now uses the more typical, full-size wings with 4 hardpoints ^ Some passengers were clipping in to each other in the UH-60M cargo variants ^ More zeroing steps for vehicle-mounted Mk19 ^ Locality check when spawning M119 spent shells ^ Improved AI support for M252 mortar ^ property for static weapon crew animations ^ Changed regular TOW flight profile to flat trajectory ^ Adjusted values of TOW 2B HEAT penetrator ^ Updated Muzzle flashes proxies on USAF vehicles to newer ones ^ Unified phys X of M1A1 & M1A2 ^ Improved M1 Abrams damage handling script ^ Corrected the number of smoke grenades launched by M1A1FEP & M1A1HC ^ Increased M240C Coax rate of fire to 950 rpm ^ Renamed 120mm (X)M1069 HE/FRAG ammunition with its new designation: M1147 ^ Removed last round tracers on all non tracer magazines ^ Removed gun barrel from M2 Bradley's phys X LOD to reduce risk of erratic collision behaviour ^ Increased armour of M2 Bradley driver hatch ^ Prevented creation of duplicate tubes when removing a fired disposable launcher via the inventory menu ^ Displayname of 30rnd M855A1 magazine was made consistant with other 5.56mm magazines ^ Aspect ratio of inventory/Arsenal icon images for pistols, were made consistent ^ Laser/light slot for Glock, made compatible with new Joint Rails pistol accessory slot ^ Inventory images for various weapon accessories ^ Better Rotex 5.56mm suppressor visuals and some optimisation of model data ^ Adjusted length of Mk11 rifle suppressor ^ Improved Omega9K pistol suppressor's _co texture ^ Reduced environment reflection on lenses of some some optic attachments ^ M32 grenade launcher now has full support for side/pointer slot attachments ^ Increased muzzle velocity of MP7 ammunition ^ Improved responsiveness of accessories scripts ^ Remade Lerca rangefinder optics at higher resolution ^ Improved MRZR textures and phys X ^ Improved accuracy of RG-33L speedometer ^ Animated HMMWV temperature gauges ^ Added buoyancy property to HMMWV models ^ Casing of displaynames for M1117 user action ^ Updated DUKE TFAR jamming script with value was making body armour ineffective on RHS units @ Flickering alpha textures in AH-64D and A-10A cockpits when HBAO is enabled @ C-130J had invisible propellers @ SOCOM units were missing NVG event Handler @ USMC engineer wasn't equipped with a backpack that had a toolkit @ Floating parts on one of the MICH helmets' lower LODs @ AH-1Z rotor spinning in the wrong direction @ UH-1Y rotor spinning in the wrong direction and wobbling when banking @ AH-64D & AH-1Z gunners had a doubled HMD @ AH-64D & AH-1Z AI pilots would ascend continuously when given a waypoint to move to - increased 'max Speed' parameter to fix @ UH-60M right spotlight was always glowing (wrong selection name) @ UH-60M landing gear caused damage when taxiing on USS Freedom's deck @ CH-47 could carry a couple more passengers than it had cargo proxy positions for @ Missing sound parameters @ AI tank gunners in player's team refused to fire without explict command @ AI fire-modes for M240C coax used default BI sounds @ Several vehicles spawned shell casings from the vehicle centre rather than the turret when firing M2 HMG @ Typo in HEDP rockets' short description @ Typo in 105mm M1 HE-FRAG magazine displayname @ Typo in displayname of Canister rounds @ Missing font error with Lerca rangefinder when running USAF standalone @ Ejection seats were causing CTDs @ Visual artifacts on iron sights of weapon models containing alpha textures, when looking through certain scope attachments @ Tan PEQ-15/M952V would turn black when switching laser/light mode on HK416 @ M107 inherited laser/light attachments slot @ M32 sinking units in the ground when deployed (no bipod mem point) @ MP7 optics proxy wasn't centred @ Hole in the front of SR25 Supressor mesh @ Some models had incorrect or outdated material paths applied @ Some crew-served weapons unintentional inherited Fire Control System following Arma 3 v1.70 update @ FMTV gunners were missing some UI elements @ MRZR ^ Updates to M252 mortar ^ Improved Abrams Fire Geometry around wheels ^ Abrams loader speed is now also dependent on speed of vehicle ^ Improved A-10 MFD (CCIP piper, working compass etc.) ^ Advanced hitpoints & suspension for A10, C130J & F-22 ^ A-10's GAU-8 is now using mixed AP: HE rounds in 4:1 ratio ^ M230 & M197 30mm rounds have HEDP penetration now ^ Improved hitpoints for UH-60M, CH-47 & AH-64 ^ Improved shadows on CH-47 and CH-53 ^ UH-1Y flight model is a bit more agile/flies less like a whale ^ Removed artifacts in UH-1Y rotor textures ^ Moved some seats to reduce clipping with passengers on UH-1Y ^ Reduced glossiness of UH-1Y interior materials ^ Hand on stock script is more flexible for use with 3rd party mods ^ Modified position of M249, M240 & M107 ^ Adjusted HK416/M27 scale ^ Adjusted suppressor position on SR25 EC ^ Improved bipod and grip proxy alignment on USAF weapons ^ animation for M16A4 lower rail cover ^ Better ACOG reticle calibration & adjusted appearance of USMC chevron reticles ^ Made Mk211 Raufoss ammo explosion less apocalyptic (until a custom effect can be made) ^ Darkened dataplate texture on M72 ^ Mark V SOC use now "deleted" event handler - additional roadway lod is removed in all cases now (i.e.

hold fire button in order to halt rechambering animation ^ M320GL now has fire selector set to F instead of S ^ M113 M2 ammo belt clipping in first person ^ New AN-M14 TH3 effects ^ Tweaked M4 sounds ^ Uploaded Kimi fixed HMD ^ Bradley textures with correct camo colors ^ Tweaked armor structural for transport helis ^ Removed old lenses on all ACOG variants and replaced with shiny new ones ^ Leupold Mk4 Spotting scope uses now H59 ^ Added new M113 gunner anims ^ Flipped direction of icon_ch47f_^ Fixed shadow LOD bugs for several M16s/M4A1 ^ max Speed for M1A2 ^ Cleaned up gear and weapon lods for optimization.We do this by integration with the software updates component of Config Mgr.The Create Automatic Deployment Rule Wizard starts.United States armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory!Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.

Hi, We have Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 on few Server 2008 R2 servers.

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Sep 14, 2015. Definition updates for FEP 2010 and SCEP 2012 can be distributed through several sources. This problem occurs if Microsoft Update MU is the source that's used and if the computer was not set to opt in to Microsoft Update. 
04-Nov-2018 20:19
Feb 6, 2013. My freshly installed Windows Server 2012 installation with Forefront Endpoint Protection FEP installed just wouldn't update. Googling the error message. Forefront Endpoint Protection could not check for virus and spyware definition updates due to an Internet or network connectivity issue. Error code. 
04-Nov-2018 20:23

Fep definition status not updating introduction

Fep definition status not updating

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