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" when she stood in the shadow of her gargantuan granddaughter. "Bethany, you look like that 'Her-Hulk.'" Bethany laughed. " Bethany asked, concerned over some flaw she may not have noticed.

She looked at the caller ID before answering and was surprised to see that it was a call from her granddaughter, Stephen's sister, Bethany. Mildred hoped for the best as she said, "Hello, dear. I'm going to go high protein, low carbs, and lots of veggies. The thought of mixing in one of her panaceas never crossed her mind, and why should it?"Oh, I see you inherited the family jewel." "The family jewel? Increased blood flow to the area, and what not." "Oh," Mildred said, a bit puzzled. It's about as big as yours, if not a little longer." "You're lying," Bethany said with a light laugh, but immediately stopped when her grandmother removed her own clothes and showed off her own clit. Bethany was no stranger to the female form as she was as bi as the day was long." Bethany asked, then followed her grandmother's stare to between her legs. She felt her own clit begin to stiffen and a moistness between her own legs as she continued to stare.That was the theory, anyway, and Mildred went with it.She began by swirling her tongue around the head of her granddaughter's clit, then slowly took it into her mouth and went down to the hilt.

"You know I can't say what I want to, but that's not why I'm calling. " "I figured it had been just as long since you had last seen her as it had been for you seeing me, Grandma, so yeah, I did. "Women can be anything they choose to be, Grandma," Bethany retorted without cynicism.

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Free mobile sex chat no login required

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