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Sometimes on your lips, sometimes your neck I nibble your ear and you can feel my breath in your ear But mostly you just feel hotter and hotter.

Like the pressure in a damn building up I turn you around and push you forwards.

See yourself, how you look when you’re being fucked.

You want to get all of the LMR out of the way, all of the hurdles cleared, before you meet again.

I want you to feel the force of my character too At first you can’t hold my eye contact.

I can feel your heart agains me, beating faster (getting another coffee) Every time my mouth gets close to yours, you reach towards me, trying to steal a kiss I deny it for now…..

wish at this very moment we could do it in reality..

Trying to turn your head around to look at me You want to see your own body.

You are starting to lose control as the fire burns inside you It’s an intense pleasure I start rubbing you, through your underwear Slowly and firmly I tease you a little with kisses.

To feel my desire to have you I tell you to spin around slowly, so I can see all of you.

Her: I just want to be yours…to be in your complete power..

You are looking right into me You can feel your body shaking and moving from my power as I fuck you, but it feels further away It’s like I’m mentally fucking you too now You bite your lip, moan I pull out of you again then I sit on your chest and push my cock into your mouth you are frantic, desperate to make me come, to make me happy you are sucking hard, pumping my cock with your hand (I warned you this is a bit wild) Her: …I prefer to know all your intime fantasies..

Me: I surprise you I put my hand between your legs.

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Fuckafriend forfree nosignup

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