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Next season on RWBY, to face new challenges, our heroes were digging deep into mysteries and searching deep within themselves to find out who is SALEM, facing a total loss, and learn how to decimate the Grimm virus once and for all. Find out more on RWBY: Advance.i really want to see more red vs blue cause it left at a cliffhanger at the end of season 13.i would like to see one last season of it cause the guys were left on the ship ready to face the other soldiers and it would be a great way to end the series to find out if they make it or not.and her father told her all that I would be telling her. please keep up the great work and keep inspiring us Hello Rooster Teeth i have a question do you think that you will do a other saison of : Million Dollars, But... Because I really enjoy this series and also really good ending for the volume 4 of RWBY.So have a nice day and continue the good work : D !!!!I just wanted to know if you'd start the next season soon.I loved getting on and seeing a new episode open up to everyone.Watching RWBY always made me smile, from the cute girls that wield amazing weapons, to seeing every character go their separate way, even to the small backstories everyone has.I can understand where Jaune Arc comes from because I see me like him a lot. I was thinking about the next season (again, everybody is).

and when she finaly put on the prosthetic and found how it worked... I pick up my own prosthetics on friday, after 3 years waiting. you have no idea how well touched me and helped me. and I cant wait to see how chibi season 2 and rwby season 5 turn out.

i can't stand it though because i have standards.

good day rooster teeth.hello, i'm a big fan of all your work.

When i started watching youtube, you guys and your selection of channels and content have kept me attached to this channel.

Me and my friends always talk about your stuff and frankly, we adore your shows like red vs blue and rwby.

Before anyone brings up releases on saturday and the first membership on rooster teeth.

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Gibson flying v dating introduction

Gibson flying v dating