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Updating a recordset

A varray index has a fixed lower bound of 1 and an extensible upper bound.

To access an element of a varray, you use standard subscripting syntax.

NLS Parameter Values Can Affect String Keys of Associative Arrays Associative arrays that are indexed by strings can be affected by National Language Support (NLS) parameters such as .

If you must change these settings during your session, set them back to their original values before performing further operations on associative arrays that are indexed by strings.

Collections follow the same scoping and instantiation rules as other types and variables.

Collections are instantiated when you enter a block or subprogram, and cease to exist when you exit.

In a package, collections are instantiated when you first reference the package and cease to exist when you end the database session.

You can define data types are supported only for backward compatibility; see "LONG and LONG RAW Data Types" for more information. There is no constructor notation for associative arrays.

That lets you pass host arrays to stored functions and procedures.

To create a collection or record variable, you first define a collection or record type, and then you declare a variable of that type. A collection that is created in a PL/SQL block (with the syntax in "Collection") is available only in that block.

A nested table type or varray type that is created at schema level (with the "CREATE TYPE Statement") is stored in the database, and you can manipulate it with SQL statements.

These subscripts give you array-like access to individual rows.

A nested table differs from an array in these important ways: A nested table can be stored in a database column; therefore, you can use a nested table to simplify SQL operations in which you join a single-column table with a larger table.

An associative array is intended for temporary data storage.

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Updating a recordset introduction

Updating a recordset