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This patented concept was developed into the embeddable GUI named the QNX Photon micro GUI.QNX also provided a version of the X Window System.Once configured by the automaker, QNX can be programmed to handoff its display and certain functionality to an Apple Car Play device.which performs process creation and memory management by operating in conjunction with the microkernel. from the address space of the sending process to that of the receiving process.

Thus, sending a message to another process and waiting for a reply does not result in "losing one's turn" for the CPU.

This tight integration between message passing and CPU scheduling is one of the key mechanisms that makes QNX message passing broadly usable.

Most Unix and Linux interprocess communication mechanisms lack this tight integration, although a user space implementation of QNX-type messaging for Linux does exist.

Cisco's IOS-XR (ultra high availability IOS) built about 2004–2005, in it 32-bits version Blackberry 10 devices build upon the Black Berry Play Book QNX based operating system for touch devices, but adapt the user interface for smartphones using the Qt based Cascades Native User-Interface framework.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Apple demonstrated Car Play which provides an i OS-like user interface to head units in compatible vehicles.

QNX Neutrino (2001) has been ported to a number of platforms and now runs on practically any modern CPU that is used in the embedded market.

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Dec 15, 2017. For those who do still own a Priv, BlackBerry isn't totally abandoning the phone. The company will still work to provide critical updates when needed, warranties are still active, and the company is launching a trade-in program. Those with a Priv, BlackBerry 10, or BlackBerry OS device will be able to trade-in. 
03-Jan-2019 19:54
How to Update Blackberry Software. Updating your Blackberry's software will allow you to enjoy the latest features and enhancements released to Blackberry OS. You can either update Blackberry software directly from your smartphone, or. 
03-Jan-2019 19:57
You can update the phone's software when a new software version is available. Follow these instructions to update your phone's software. Before. 
03-Jan-2019 20:01
This helps you wirelessly update the software on your BlackBerry BB. If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device. 
03-Jan-2019 20:05

Updating blackberry version introduction

Updating blackberry version

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