Wow armory profile not updating

I'm not alone, the customer service forums are filled with a lot of pissed off people.Race changes, boosts, faction changes, server transfers. Billing your credit card works fine though, fancy that.And last night i did aq10 again to see if it ll be updated - but still nothing. We did notice however that the news feed for the guild still seems to be updated properly, but your personal news feed/gear info does not seem to follow (stuck with one day old data).Yeah, same case here...thought it'll be ok today, but it's still not. However, I'm playing just over a year, so back in the past it might be the case... : PYes, the Armory may at times take long to update. And if there are any issues with it right now, they'll likely already be working on it.but there have been stand alone M203 launchers (modified with a pistol grip and stock like the M79LF 37mm launchers) as well as the M203 being attached to guns other than the M16 (take Rambo III for example where they attached it to an AK).World IMFDB Exclusive: Screen used Faux M203 Launcher with M16A1 with Quadrant and Front ladder sight - 5.56x45mm.

Today I found pretty easy way to get your characters armory profile updated.

But I like having a separate page for the M203 to address more detailed history of the launcher plus any applications where the launcher is used with other weapons.

We do need a page where M203s are used as stand alone launchers, rare, but it has happened.

Olympic Arms 'K4B' AR-15 with A2 Handguards, heavy barrel and the Olympic Arms stowaway pistol grip - 5.56x45mm.

But we should shift all M203s underslung to M16s to the M16 Page and have a note directing users to that page when looking for that combination on the M203 page.

Excalibur01 , 6 June 2009 (UTC) It's from the music video for Hero Of War by Rise Against, the main soldier uses it, his two buddies use an M16A1 and M16A2, I'm almost 100% sure there are only three rifles in the video.

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Is there an issue with the armory not updating? I got 2 new pieces of gear yesterday lunch time and they still aren't showing on the armory S 
21-Jan-2019 12:55
In fact, if you ever watch footage of the current offensive into Gaza, you can see both IDF personnel and Hamas militants using 
21-Jan-2019 12:59
Many ppl seem to have problem with wow armory to not updating their profile and they seem sad about it. Today I found pretty easy way to get your characters armory. 
21-Jan-2019 13:03
For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why isn't the armory updating my character?". Menu. Home;. You are not allowed to request a. 
21-Jan-2019 13:07

Wow armory profile not updating introduction

Wow armory profile not updating

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